A Lifetime of Unlimited Gems – Free to All

A Lifetime of Unlimited Gems   -   Free to All

The Majestic Moonstone that is Srila Bhakti Ranjan Madhusudan Maharaj gives a Zoom Darshan on April 25th 2022 with The Flawless Diamond known as Sriman Devashis Prabhu, The Magnificent Mystic Quartz of Munindra Mohan Prabhu, The Laudable & Lovely Lapis Lazuli of Lavanya Mayi dd, The Praiseworthy Precious Pearl that is Pandita Devi dasi, set splendidly among the exquisite beauty of The 24 Karat Gold Ukrainian Devotees. ♦️🎁💍🏅❤️💎💎💎 A Priceless Collection ! 💎💎💎❤️🏅🎁💍♦️

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Author: Bhakti Connect